Client Quotes

While the business may be different the story stays the same. As your business operates and grows you are constantly faced with challenges that rely on solid technical infrastructure and the skilled resources to manage it. Worrying about if you have the right people or the right technology keeps you from running and expanding your business.

The answer always seems to be ‘spending more money’, and you’re left thinking, “There has to be a better answer.”

How do you know what the right decision is or where to make the best investment? How do you know who to listen to?

With Kelley | Price Technology (KPT), you no longer have to wonder. We will guide you down the right path ensuring that the technology works for you and that you are investing in the right areas. Because at the end of the day, you just need to know that your business will be up and running effectively and that your technology is helping you run efficiently and preparing you for future opportunities.

With KPT, technology can be simple and more importantly, technology works.

“Kelley | Price Technology has been a true strategic partner for Matrix Psychological Services. Prior to KPT, Matrix spent hours of downtime and frustration even as my IT cost continued to rise. When we began this relationship in 2001 we were immediately impressed with the care that KPT showed the business. They spent the time learning about our services and business and catered technology to fit. Their expertise allowed us to grow, improve cash flow and control expense. I value our relationship with KPT and would highly recommend them to any business who needs solid IT management, applications, or infrastructure.”

Toby Portman, MA Executive Vice-president, Matrix Psychological Services

“Kelley | Price has worked with us for more than five years, maintaining our software and hardware, specifying equipment to suit our needs, solving software problems, installing our network and generally keeping our computer-intensive business up and running. They are talented well-informed, great to work with, and always ready to go out of their way to help. I highly recommend them.”

Hugh M. Clark, Ph.D. President, CJI Research Corporation

“Kelley | Price helped us complete a project that was over four years behind. When I came on board our business had been struggling with an outdated and collapsing email system. I had worked with KPT in the past and called them to see what they could do to help solve this problem. I was impressed with the quick turn-around in the proposal and the cost. No other consulting company came close to their price and detail. They set deadlines and milestones and met every one. Today our company runs on the latest Microsoft email technology and we can thank Kelley | Price for getting us there.”

Chad Duling, MBA Senior IT Professional, TDCI